Qactus has 3 ways

Qactus has three ways in helping beginners out


Qactus helps you know the condition of your guitar.

The physical condition of guitars may change depending on how the user uses or stores it. These changes may affect the performance of the guitar when played. Sometimes, the guitar no longer remains a musical instrument.

However, most beginner guitar players do not know this and sometimes they attribute the imperfect production of music to their skills without knowing that the guitar itself may have caused the problem. It sometimes results in the frustration on the part of the player. Aspiring guitar players should know that the guitar’s condition is a vital factor to the production of good music.

Here is the part where Qactus comes in. Qactus will help you determine the condition of your guitar. Aside from that, Qactus can actually help your guitar’s condition properly.




Qactus minimizes the difficulties you might encounter as a beginner.

Being a beginner might be difficult stage to some. You might encounter mistakes or frustrations that may make you want to stop trying do something new. A musical instrument, for one, may seem very difficult to learn.

Qactus can transform your guitar into an instrument that is easy to play.

A remarkable thing you can do with Qactus is that it decreases the effort you put in pressing the strings, or muting. Difficulties encountered by beginners will be minimized, resulting in a satisfactory musical experience. Due to this, beginners will feel they are improving more. You might even want to play your guitar all the time. Beginners will find that it is easy to master a new song in a short time with Qactus. Qactus works by lessening the difficulties you might encounter so you will have more time to focus on your practice. Qactus is also suitable for those who have given up on practicing as it allows them to restart training in an easier way. Qactus will make you feel better.




Qactus fosters harmony and friendship between differences.

Aside from helping you improve your skill, Qactus will also allow you to meet new people. Through QactusCore and QactusCore-Method, beginner, experts and professional guitar players can meet online to help each other out.

Puzzles and diagrams are available to help beginners learn guitar chords in a fun way. Qactus promotes togetherness and cooperation work we see among music groups. Harmony is essential in playing musical instruments but it does not pertain only to music. Harmony among music players is also important.

With Qactus, musical harmony and social harmony is possible to be achieved and improved. Qactus’ goal is to help people learn how to play the guitar and to use music in bringing people together. Music is not only the sound we produce in plucking a string, pressing a key or striking a drum.

Music is the product of music instrument, people and feelings. Here in Qactus, we believe that "playing music" is not simply a mechanical operation of an instrument to produce sounds as we believe that feelings are an important ingredient in creating music for "feelings are the raw materials of music."