About "QactusCore" and "QactusCore-Method"

Once you understand the “QactusCore-Method,” anyone can create the “QactusCore” and post on the QactusCore website.

With the combination of world’s easiest chord score “QactusCore” and the assisting tool “Qactus,” anyone can play the guitar in couple hours.


Music lovers all over the world will help each other with QactusCore.

This page shows the "QactusCore-Method" with songs that works well with Qactus so you'll also be able to write chord diagrams called “QactusCore.”

In addition, your knowledge about music structure (especially chord structure) will expand through the QactusCore-Method.

Furthermore, once people learn this method, beginners who were helped by QactusCore can become the contributors by providing learning materials for other beginners just like others did before them.

QactusCore not only helps with the technical aspects of playing music but it will also be a platform for experts to help beginners.

Harmonious minds are vital for music ensemble but also for connecting with each other through music.
Music is powerful and we, music lovers, should tell more people about the important value it has.

We believe that music could breakthrough many conflicts between differences.

The easiest chord diagrams called “QactusCore” is going to be shared among QactusCore users. Contributors will be able to make learning materials for beginners.

QactusCore + QactusCore-Method have the possibility of achieving something important not only to increase the population of guitar players, but it will help to foster harmony and friendship.


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