In the beginning

As you already know, Qactus is designed to decrease beginners who give up or let people without any previous experience on any musical instruments have a lot of fun learning in a short time.
Along with Qactus, the thing that will simplify playing the guitar as much as possible is the chord book, QactusCore.

You do not need any knowledge of music theory if you are using QactusCore, but creating it is a different story. Unfortunately, you need some knowledge of “how music works.”

However, if you read and understand everything here, anyone can make QactusCore,
Not only that, QactusCore is designed to expand your knowledge related to music theory.

QactusCore benefits both beginners and those experienced.

Let’s continue to learn more about the QactusCore-Method.

Stage-1『3. Keys』
Stage-2『1. Learn The Structure of Qactus』