3. The Four Filters

Usually, beginners can’t tell whether a song they are going to play on a guitar is good for beginners or not.

As a beginner on guitar, it’s important to choose appropriate songs regardless of the use of Qactus.

There are many beginners who give up because they chose difficult songs to learn.

QactusCore works like a filter to help choose songs for beginners. It relies on expert's advice in choosing these songs.

There are Four Filters to choose a song for a beginner:

  1. Does the song work well with Qactus?
  2. Are the chords in the song less than 10? (Or possible to decrease?)
  3. Does the song change key often or just sometimes?
  4. Are the arranged chords on QactusCore sound musically pleasing?

If you choose songs using the Four Filters, you have finished the first step of QactusCore.

The Four Filters in QactusCore does limit the number of songs that will work with Qactus; however, you will notice that there are many songs that will work with Qactus with a little bit of tweaking and a little knowledge of the QactusCore.

Now, let’s learn how to use QactusCore.

Stage-2『2. Replace Harmonizable Notes on a Guitar』
Stage-3『In the beginning』