1. Learn the Structure of Qactus

We are going to discuss the 2nd way Qactus helps beginners.
Qactus minimizes the difficulties you might encounter as a beginner.
"three ways to help beginners"

Let’s get started with tuning a guitar.
The open strings need to be tuned like this (Standard Tuning) :

1st open string = E
2nd open string = B
3rd open string = G
4th open string = D
5th open string = A
6th open string = E

This explanation may be too basic for experts, but it’s inevitable for beginners.
Try your best to memorize it. If you find it too difficult to memorize, try a mnemonic device so you can easily remember it. For example:

6th string E--every
5th string A--amateur
4th string D--does
3rd string G--get
2nd string B--better
1st string E--eventually

Let’s insert Qactus on the 2nd fret following the “Qactus Starters Manual.”


The pitches of strings should change to the following with Qactus.

1st open string = E
2nd open string = B
3rd open string = A
4th open string = E
5th open string = B
6th open string = ×(Muted only opened)

Beginners will find it easier to play the guitar with Qactus because of the change in the 3rd and 6th strings.

By the way, the guitar with Qactus on 2nd fret is a good match to these keys :


You are allowed to strum most of the open strings if the song is in one these keys.
The amount of strings you have to press down will decrease.

One of the best things about QactusCore is that we can decrease the difficulty and choose more comfortable options.
Furthermore, the more people that contribute learning materials to QactusCore then the more beginners will be helped out.

There are a lot of ways that certain keys will not harmonize well. To understand the reason, you will need to study music theory. This page is only designed to introduce you to the basics of musical theory in a fun way.

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Stage-2『2. Replace Harmonizable Notes on a Guitar』